ecglove 00

Just by touching the patient's chest you will know up to 6 different leads depending on how you place your hand on the patient's chest.

With its artificial intelligence, you will quickly know a diagnosis suggestion without having your cell phone at hand.

Clinical Value



Print and share

ECG recordings of up to 6 leads.

Get a diagnostic tip and check the signal on your color screen.

Add a difference to your consultations and provide better quality of patient care

Personal value

Patent filed in





ecglove 00.

No wires or disposable electrodes

With a long-lasting battery, we can last up to 2 working days without having to charge the device.

The early diagnoses of arrhythmias are the difference between life and death for our patients.


Apple & windows

The ecglove is compatible with Apple, Windows, Android and its clinical grade reports can be shared by any means of preference.

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